Best and Worst Yoga Poses for Bad Knees

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If you just started practicing Yoga, you will find this article really useful because it’s focusing on the top 3 best yoga poses and the 3 worst yoga poses. Yoga combines the fitness exercises with the mind exercises with the goal of offering you a healthier life. The fitness and the mental exercises work together in order to increase the level of your health every day. Yoga it is known as the natural way of recovering from different injuries or as the “tool” for finding the inner peace.


The best 3 yoga poses


1.Chair Pose.

Just imagine you are sitting on a chair but the chair is not there. The idea is to focus all the weight on your heels. This kind of pose helps you stretch the entire body and brings the relaxation you need. Release the stress starting from the heels up to your fingers. Stretch your body as much as you can then you can use the yoga mat to relax your body while lying on your back.


2. Bridge Pose

Maybe you remember this pose back from the school days. On the sports classes, I remember we always had to use this exercise to stretch our body. It is a great pose for the lower back, but you have to do it right. The bridge pose is one of the best poses that helps you relax and brings the energy to your entire body. In order to get to this pose, all you have to do is to lay on your back and use your heels to push your knees up while keeping your hands relaxed close to your body. Use your elbows to push your lower back. A great pose for the lower back and for the neck as well.

3.Warriors pose

Why do they call it the warrior pose? Because it transforms you into a warrior who protects his health. This is a more active pose which will put all your muscles and your bones to work. One leg behind really stretched, while the other is in front with the knee up. This kind of pose will help you do different fitness and stretching exercises. It’s known as the best pose for strengthening your knees.


The worst

1.  Camel Pose

When you stay on your knees and you stretch your hands to your heels touching them, this is called the camel pose. Even if you are using a yoga mat, your knees are very affected by this pose, so the best idea is to not use it at all. If you want to protect your ligaments, don’t use it, there a lot of other poses you can replace this one with.


2. Twisted Triangle

For beginners, this is not a safe yoga pose, so you shouldn’t start with this one. Your body needs to be used with the stretching and the fitness training before trying the twisted triangle. The triangle is formed by the position of your legs and the twisted feature comes from the way you use your hands. The front leg will be fixed which can cause accidents. It is also a bad pose for your knees as it has no way to relax. Start using this pose only when you have experience or even better, don’t use it at all.


3. Lotus yoga pose.

Maybe one of the most known yoga poses. We have added this pose here to teach you an important lesson. If you want to practice yoga, it doesn’t mean you have to start with this lotus pose or that you have to do it no matter what. It is a good pose only after a lot of sessions. You have to know your body because this way, you can understand which are the best poses for you. Keep this lotus pose for later and start with some easy poses first.





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